GeoProMT v1.0.3

About GeoProMT


The Geospatial Project Management Tool (GeoProMT) is a Web-based tool for management of shared geospatial and multi-temporal data such as GIS data and remotely sensed images. Integral to the GeoProMT framework is role-based access control (RBAC), where data access permissions and data users are associated with appropriate roles, enabling efficient collaboration among participants of large interdisciplinary geospatial projects.

The mission of all investigators is the development and integration of user-friendly Geographical Information Science and environmental modeling tools using readily available data sets to support a rapid, practical and effective decision-making in integrated environmental and disaster management.


Why use GeoProMT?

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Workflow & Dataflow Management
Project & Process Documentation
Classroom Project Management
Collaboration & Data Sharing
NSF Data Management


How to Use GeoProMT

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Creating an Account
Starting a New Project
Designing a Project
Adding Data to the Workflow
Creating a Transformer
Submitting Feedback